If you find a fault in your car and you require a repair service, our mechanics are on hand to do repairs for you. We offer services for all common issues including brakes, clutch repairs, steering & suspension, exhaust, problems with the engine, etc. This will help put your car back on the road and keep it running smoothly.



How do I know when my car needs a tune-up?

You may see that your gas mileage has decreased. This will result in your vehicle running rough which indicates that your car needs a tune-up.

Can I do any repairs myself?

Without proper knowledge or equipment, attempting to fix your car yourself can often make things worse.

What you should do if your car starts to overheat?

If your car overheats for too long, this can damage your engine. When you can, you should find a safe place to stop your car and then turn the engine off. Do not attempt to check the fluid level yourself in the radiator because the hot fluid can cause severe burns. You will then need a repair service as soon as possible.

If you feel like your car needs repair, please contact us now through email or by calling our team.

Discounted rates for PCO License holders

If you’re a PCO license holders, most of your time will be on the road. Thus you’ll be more likely to visit a garage often. We understand that it wouldn’t be fair for you to pay the same as everyone else. Call us to today or request a callback to get booked in for our services.