Getting your car regularly serviced will help to keep your car in optimum condition and avoid any major, costly issues. Our friendly and experienced mechanics can service any car utilising the latest diagnostic equipment. At H&H Motors, we can provide you with an excellent service that will help maximise the lifespan of your car and ensure that you and your family are safer while on the road.

We can perform both basic and full servicing of your vehicle.  Unlike many garages in London, we look at your vehicle and advise you on the level of servicing you require so you don’t get charged for a full service when you only really need basic for example.


Why is it important to get your vehicle regularly serviced?

High-quality car servicing is an important factor in helping to maximise the lifespan, performance and efficiency of your car. This also helps with the resale value of your vehicle, as well as giving a clear indication of the faults that exist before they develop into more serious problems.

How often should I take my car in for servicing?

Most car repair specialists recommend a full service every 12,000 miles or 12 months.

Should I get full servicing done on my car before the MOT?

It is better to get a full service done just before your cars MOT to resolve any issues which may result in an MOT failure.

If you want to get your car serviced, please contact us now through email or by calling our team. 

Discounted rates for PCO License holders

If you’re a PCO license holders, most of your time will be on the road. Thus you’ll be more likely to visit a garage often. We understand that it wouldn’t be fair for you to pay the same as everyone else. Call us to today or request a callback to get booked in for our services.